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Why Drug Testing Physicians Makes Sense

Bryan Barajas | Marketing Director | Oct.29.2014

Why Drug Testing Physicians Makes Sense

Physician drug testing, and healthcare worker drug testing in general, has been a hot topic in 2014 for several reasons. From Inspector General Daniel Levinson from the Department of Health and Human Services discussing healthcare worker random drug testing... Read More +

State Laws and Employee Drug Testing: The Olson v. Push Case

Bryan Barajas | Marketing Director | Oct.28.2014

How Do You Determine Which State Laws Apply for Employee Drug Testing?

One of the issues employers and human resources professionals come across frequently is determining which state law(s) to apply when a criminal record is found in one state for a job in another state. States have varying reporting requirements, so it may... Read More +

Employee Spotlight: Michelle Williams

Antique Nguyen | Marketing Specialist | Oct.23.2014

Employee Spotlight: Michelle Williams

After two years of hard work and dedication, Michelle Williams has recently been promoted to Client Account Manager. Her problem solving capabilities and disposition for customer service has enabled her to deliver nonpareil outcomes. The passion Michelle... Read More +

How to Use Instagram for Healthcare Recruiting

Antique Nguyen | Marketing Specialist | Oct.22.2014

How to Use Instagram for Healthcare Recruiting

The use of social media, particularly LinkedIn, has increasingly been utilized as a recruiting tool for companies. Employers from all industries have seen considerably positive results through strategic planning and implementation. Traditional methods of... Read More +

How to Take Healthcare Employee Recognition to the Next Level: Best Practices from Dreamforce 2014

Bryan Barajas | Marketing Director | Oct.21.2014

Employee Recognition Best Practices from Dreamforce 2014

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, California along with over 140,000 fellow attendees. While it is first and foremost a technology conference, with over 1,400 sessions, there’s definitely something... Read More +

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