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PreCheck Employee Drug Screening

Employee Drug Testing for HR Departments

Numerous studies have shown that implementing a drug testing program reduces the over-all costs associated with substance abuse including health care costs, absenteeism, and lost productivity.  While drug testing is a critical step in reducing an employer’s exposure to potential liabilities, the truth is, administering a drug testing program across multiple sites is an overwhelming task for most employers.  PreCheck can make this task easy for you by acting as your third-party drug testing program administrator. Learn more.

PreCheck Student Drug Screening

Student Drug Testing for Clinical Educators

Clinical facilities conduct drug tests on their employees to ensure patient safety, and many have extended this practice to students training on site.  Although a great tool to manage risk, administering a drug testing program for hundreds of students can be overwhelming. PreCheck’s StudentCheck service offers a one-stop drug testing solution whether you are conducting drug testing for admission or fulfilling clinical rotation requirements. 
Learn more.


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