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Healthcare Background Checks

Healthcare employment background checks to meet your needs.


Since 1993, PreCheck has focused on serving the healthcare industry's background screening needs. Today, we offer healthcare background check solutions customized for human resources departments, medical staff services managers, and nursing and allied health educators. All of our healthcare background check packages are customized to meet the industry's complex regulations, accreditation standards, and best practices.

Background Checks for Employees

Background Checks for Healthcare Employees

Don't take any chances when you hire. Our comprehensive investigation and analysis focuses on criminal background searches, from the largest provider of background screening and credentialing services to the healthcare industry. Learn more.

Background Checks for Physicians

Background Checks for Physicians & Allied Health Staff

Current industry guidelines and requirements are strict and getting stricter. Protect your patients and reputation with deeper criminal background investigations for physicians and other allied health professionals you work with. Learn more.

Background Checks for Students

Background Checks for Nursing & Allied Health Students

You want to give your students every edge you can. Make sure your best and brightest meet the high standards and qualifications of the healthcare facilities that might hire them, before the hiring even begins. Learn more.


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