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Healthcare License Monitoring

For your
Healthcare License Monitoring
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LicenseManager Pro

What is LicenseManager Pro?

LicenseManager Pro is a web-based system that provides primary source verification of licenses and certifications. Our healthcare license management system provides storage and tracking of non-primary source verifiable certifications. LicenseManager Pro tracks, manages and credentials healthcare professional licenses and certifications.

How does it work?

We take your license requirements and current employee data to create a custom online management system  that helps you meet  your state’s requirements and those of their accrediting bodies to ensure that the required licenses for your employees remain current and are renewed prior to expiration. We provide support to ensure that license holders do not work on an expired or invalid license.

Integrated with NCSBN's Nursys e-Notify®

LicenseManager Pro offers you the National Council of State Boards of Nursing's (NCSBN) Nursys e-Notify service, which gives you access to publicly available discipline and license status updates provided directly from nursing boards. This integration allows nurse employers access to automatic licensure, discipline and publicly available notifications.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers 24/7 access to online system
  • Conducts primary source verifications and license monitoring
  • Provides paperless imaging of required documentation
  • Alerts system users to the availability of notification/deficiency letters
  • Secure user access managed by client with Administrator functionality
  • Customized user task links with flexible reporting capabilities
  • All reports exportable to Excel
  • Customer service and technical Support
  • Integration ready with Seamless On-boarding
  • Free training for new users


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