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How Can Immunization Tracker Help?

Immunization Tracker is a web-based solution that tracks, manages and validates immunization documentation. This service helps healthcare organizations and allied health education institutions and health science programs meet clinical rotation site requirements more easily.

Our purpose is to eliminate the burden of processing health forms for students or healthcare employees. Immunization Tracker can be a component of our background screening service.

There are two primary ways we can help:

  1. Receive, store and track student health and immunization records for compliance with your school or facility's requirements.

  2. Store vital medical information for release to a healthcare provider in a medical emergency or as needed for clinical rotations.

How Does It Work?

Our online system allows students or employees to electronically submit their health and immunization records and provides peace of mind that records are accurate, up-to-date and properly authenticated. We will process the information, store the records on secure servers, compile the information according to your requirements and provide reports on non-compliant individuals.

Features & Benefits

  • Free up staff from time consuming administrative tasks
  • Configurable record requirements to meet your specific needs
  • Assurance that students or employees meet requirements
  • Accurate database for proof of immunization and health records
  • Online 24/7 access to information
  • Records verified by licensed professionals
  • Provides paperless imaging of required documentation
  • Generates summary reports for administrators
  • Dedicated customer service and technical support


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the school's role?

The school's role is to determine its parameters for what immunizations and documentation to track and to identify key contacts for compliance reporting and online access.

What is PreCheck's relationship to Sentry MD?

PreCheck and Sentry MD are business partners.

Where do the students go to pay? Will instructions be provided?

Students will pay through the PreCheck website and receive a welcome e-mail explaining what is needed to initiate the immunization tracking service.

Can schools pay for the service rather than each student?

Yes, schools have two options for payments. The first option is to have each individual student register and pay. Alternatively, the school will provide a roster and pay for registered students.

Who do my students need to contact?

Students will be assigned a personal representative and will provided with two e-mail addresses, a customer service phone number, two fax lines and a mailing address.

Who do I contact? 

Clinical coordinators and administrators will be given direct contact information for the designated account manager.

How do I access the records? Do students have access to view their records?

Authorized staff is able to logon to the immunization tracking portal and access all of their students' records and summaries of immunizations. Students can also logon to their personal immunization tracking account and view their documents and compliance status.

Is there a student self-service portal or login to review uploaded/faxed documents?

Yes, students are given a personal account which allows them to view, print and organize their records. Students must submit any immunizations via e-mail, fax or postal mail for an immunization tracking representative to review and upload to the students' account.

How can a student submit documents?

A student can submit documents via e-mail, fax or postal mail.

Who can submit documents?

Students, school administrators, and healthcare providers can submit documentation as long as it is signed and stamped by a physician or clinic.

How will I know when a student has submitted documentation?

Once a student has submitted a document and it is reviewed by an immunization tracking representative, the student will receive an acknowledgement e-mail and the school will be notified via compliance reports sent bi-weekly, monthly or as requested from school administrators and coordinators.

Do you send e-mail expiration notices to my students?

Yes, we send e-mail reminders to students who have something expiring or becoming due 30 days prior to the due date.

How long is information available online?

Student information will be available online as long as the student is active in the school. After graduation, documents will be kept for seven years and if the student chooses to continue a private immunization tracking membership for an additional fee, their information will remain available to them.

How long will access be provided?

Students have access to their records throughout their entire time at the school. Administrators will only have access to the files while a student is in school. School officials, however, may access graduated student records for up to seven years after student graduation.

Can I provide health records?

Yes, anyone can provide records as long as it is signed and stamped by a physician or clinic.

What is the onboarding process?

Once the school has agreed on the forms and requirements and the student has paid, he or she will receive a welcome e-mail with required enrollment documentation. Upon receipt of any required student document, Sentry MD will e-mail the student the necessary login instructions.

Do you store non-essential files?

Yes, anything the student would like to add to their online account will be stored for them.

Why should I choose the PreCheck and Sentry MD immunization tracking service over others?

We understand excellent personalized service and technology together are the best solution. Unlike other options, our immunization tracking offering is a full-service product. An immunization tracking employee will review each document to ensure it has been signed by an authorized healthcare provider.

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