Celebrating Medical Staff Services Awareness Week 2013

In honor of our clients in the medical staff world, PreCheck is celebrating Medical Staff Services Awareness Week. We work alongside our clients every day to help their hospitals and healthcare facilities adhere to industry specific compliance standards and regulations.

What Oregon’s New Provider-Credentialing System Means for Medical Staff Services Managers

Oregon’s new law establishing a statewide provider-credentialing system means big changes for medical staff services managers. The law, passed as SB 604, streamlines provider credentialing by establishing a centralized electronic database for credentialing organizations such as hospitals, insurance companies and other facilities.

What the Law Means

With this move, Oregon is the first state to mandate a single statewide credentialing system for medical providers.

The Importance of Establishing a Disaster Credentialing Policy

It’s 2AM and a devastating natural disaster has just stricken your city. Power is down in most areas. Massive flooding has obstructed major routes in and out of town, limiting the availability of emergency resources to affected locations. Hundreds are in need of immediate medical attention from first responders, emergency care providers, and physicians. Your facility is nearing capacity, and caregivers are struggling through the chaos to triage and treat the injured. Your hospital is in need of more physicians and surgeons.