Over the course of the year, I attended a number of conferences. This year has been no exception. One event, in particular, had a number of senior executives in finance and healthcare in attendance. I was fascinated by the conversations, candid discussions, and learning that happened among peers. One of the most interesting (and frequent) topics of conversation was on background checks for workers.

Employment Verification Best Practices: Verifying the Employment History of a Temporary Worker

Have you ever wondered how you can improve the turnaround time for your background reports?  Onboarding can be a difficult and expensive process. You cannot afford a delay in the completion of the background check. Unfortunately, your candidates may be overlooking a minor but important detail that could be negatively impacting your organization’s turnaround time for your background reports. This detail could be making you less competitive and creating a frustrating, inefficient onboarding process for you and your candidates.

Investigating Further

Typically, my blogs are devoted to discussing compliance topics, covering emerging regulations, or highlighting best practices. But today, I’d like to share with our readers some of the true thrills of our job. At PreCheck, we identify ourselves as a “background investigations and credentialing firm.” Our tag line is “investigate further.” All of our employees are licensed private investigators. Hopefully you’ve identified the common denominator.

Why Employers Should be Concerned About Diploma Mills

As the job market remains competitive, PreCheck has noticed an upswing in our detection and reporting of diploma mills as we conduct education verifications for our clients. There is no indication this trend will decrease. So what does this mean for employers?