Negligent Credentialing Risk Management: 4 Best Practices

Hospitals can be drawn into lawsuits involving physician negligence with “negligent credentialing” claims and the results can be costly for any healthcare organization. Attorney fees and the costs of settling a negligent credentialing case can exceed $100 million, as in the 2012 case of Jane Doe v. Bradley, for example.

5 Ways to Boost Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

Some of the leading causes of hospital readmissions and poor health outcomes can be attributed to ineffective care practices and dated procedures. Not only do these inefficiencies hinder an organization’s ability to deliver quality care, it can impact the patient experience, its reputation, bottom line and much more.

Top Healthcare Compliance Initiatives for 2018

It’s not just the financial industry that faces risks from cybercriminals; healthcare organizations, with their massive databases full of personal information, have become common targets as well. Compliance specialists and leaders will have their work cut out for them in the coming year.

3 Key Medical Staff Services Initiatives for Overcoming Change in 2018

As healthcare organizations focus more on value-based care rather than volume-based and also deal with other strategic issues, the role of medical services professionals (MSPs) is changing. Once seen as an administrative role, MSPs are increasingly asked to provide strategy and value — and that can be a challenge.

3 Key Takeaways from the NAMSS 2017 Conference

Last week, medical services professionals (MSPs) gathered at The Broadmoor in scenic Colorado Springs to advance their careers during the 41st National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) Educational Conference and Exhibition. The 2017 conference theme, “New Heights and New Horizons,” not only reflects the changing environment of the medical staff profession, but also the new era of the professional organization. At the closing of Monday morning’s keynote presentation, NAMSS President Susan DuBois revealed a rebranded logo along with the new tagline: “Education. Advocacy.

Understanding Physician Occupational Attitudes and Preferences in 2017

The current attitude toward employment in the healthcare workforce is not where it used to be. This is especially true for physicians who own their own practice and are employed by a hospital or healthcare facility, according to a 2017 survey released by Physicians Practice.

How Healthcare Employers Can Overcome Unprecedented Turnover

It’s not just your organization — turnover is rampant across healthcare employers. According to Leaders for Today, a hospital management staffing firm, 37 percent of respondents plan to leave their current employer in the next two years, and more than 68 percent plan to leave within five years.

Preparing the Healthcare Workforce for a Natural Disaster

This year has had its fair share of devastating storms and wildfires, highlighting the importance of preparedness for natural disasters. The need for being prepared goes double for healthcare organizations, which play a front-line role in helping people recover from disasters. Is your organization ready?