Best Practices for Completing I-9s for Remote Hires

Advances in technology have considerably broadened the workplace and made the ability to hire employees from another state possible, even without a physical office on site. While this effectively expands the talent base for employers, it poses a challenge for Human Resource Managers, specifically in completing Form I-9s for remote employees. How can this task be accomplished correctly within the required time frame?

Celebrating Health Care HR Week 2014 with René Hatfield

The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administrations (ASHHRA) of the American Hospital Association (AHA) has designated the week of March 16-22, 2014 as Health Care HR Week, recognizing human resources professionals in hospitals and non-hospital organizations across the nation for the daily issues they face in the workforce: compensation and benefits, employee relations, healthcare reform, and wellness—just to name a few.

With the challenges facing human resources directors, hiring managers and other HR leaders in the coming years, it’s clear that healthcare human resources is at a turning point. To celebrate Health Care HR Week 2014, which the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) designated as March 16-22 this year, we spoke to industry leaders about the outlook of this increasingly important field.

Healthcare Worker Drug Testing Trends for 2014

While we were happy to take part in the observance of National Patient Safety Awareness Week, the truth is, we pursue patient safety every single day at PreCheck. Although there are opposing views on the topic of healthcare worker drug testing, I think this is the perfect time to address this issue due to recent events.

Study: Employers May Be Using Social Media to Discriminate in the Workplace

Over the years, there have been conflicting views regarding the use of social media during the employment screening process. I recently wrote an article discussing six red flags social media employment screening can uncover. Content found on applicants’ social networking sites—particularly Facebook and Twitter—may help uncover detrimental information that may put a company and its staff at risk.

The State of Healthcare Recruiting: 3 Ways to Overcome Key Challenges

It’s no secret there are some major complications in healthcare recruiting today. Whether it’s senior staff retiring, a growing need for entry-level service providers or simply finding the specialists you need, healthcare organizations are facing a variety of recruiting challenges across the board.

Industry leaders say there are many ways to approach healthcare recruiting to attract the candidates you need to optimally staff your organization. Here’s what they recommend.

4 Physician Employment Trends for 2014

Last year, our Vice President of Compliance discussed the rise of physician employment after attending a session at the 2013 American Health Lawyers Association’s Annual Meeting. For hospitals, adopting a physician employment model can provide certain benefits such as assurance of physician coverage and, given the healthcare industry’s heightened focus on patient satisfaction, this can also provide your organization with greater control over quality of care.

Criminal Searches Uncovered, Part 2: Is Your Current Criminal Background Check Process Enough to Protect You Long-Term?

In the previous installment of Criminal Searches Uncovered we discussed what can be referred to as Criminal Searches 101, or Basics.  We shared the different types of searches that exist, various methods used to perform searches, and that age-old and ever-important topic, how long do searches take to complete.  For today’s edition, however, we aim to take a deeper dive, going to a dark and scary place for some, although we’re well past Halloween, aren’t we? 

Social Media Employment Screening: 6 Red Flags It Can Help Uncover

I am certain everyone has read or heard somewhere about how significantly the Internet and social media have altered the way we interact with one another. Social media gained prevalence in 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg prescribed us the drug we today call Facebook. Its progressive nature has integrated not only into our daily lives, but it has also extended into our professional lives and transformed the way employers screen and evaluate prospective employees.

PreCheck’s Top 10 Healthcare & Compliance Blog Posts in 2013

2013 was a very special year for PreCheck. We celebrated our 20th anniversary exclusively serving the healthcare industry and our Blog also had its first birthday last summer. As we look forward to another great year of new milestones, here’s a look back at ten of our most popular blog articles from last year.