ASAP! Office Culture and Hiring: Best Practices for Healthcare HR

Healthcare HR departments are often faced with short timelines when hiring. Getting an employee onboarded and up to speed quickly is a challenge, but getting it wrong can mean a disruption in processes, culture and even patient care. Balancing time and effort is crucial for healthcare HR leaders working with new hires.

Members of the medical staff are the people who embody your healthcare organization’s mission and values. Whether employed or privileged, they must understand how those values are lived out in your organization to provide the best care possible.

Establishing an authentic employment brand is a critical measure in any organization’s overall long-term strategy and success. Not only is it a key tool in helping employers attract right-fit candidates, it’s also an important method in continually recruiting quality candidates to your organization.

The national unemployment rate is holding steady at 5 percent as of December 2015, which means the job market is now candidate-driven. Staffing professionals know that filling positions in healthcare is even more challenging than in other industries when the applicant pool is tight.

To continue celebrating Health Care HR Week, we are excited to announce the release of our latest white paper, 10 Ways to Optimize Healthcare Recruiting and Onboarding Processes. In a fast-paced industry like healthcare where the competition for top talent is intense, who doesn’t want to streamline their recruiting and onboarding processes?

Healthcare Employer Outlook for 2015

In a recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder, an estimated 225,000 healthcare jobs were added at an average of 23,000 per month last year—and 2015 looks just as promising for job seekers. The U.S. workforce is projected to grow by 1.2 percent this year and 28 healthcare jobs are projected to grow at three percent or more.

5 Strategies to Optimize the Onboarding Process with HR Technology

In the past century, technological advances have transformed the face of healthcare. Electronic health records (EHR) have enabled healthcare organizations to centralize patient-sensitive information; online portals have allowed patients to become more autonomous and be active players in their own health; and telemedicine has eliminated distance barriers and given patients with limited resources access to medical services. Despite these advancements in technology, many employers have overlooked the need to improve their onboarding system.

How to Get The Most Out of Your Hospital’s HR Career Site

We know that recruiting is something that is going to be a challenge in healthcare during the next years. In fact, we recently released a white paper discussing five of the key challenges in healthcare recruiting. Have you wondered how important is a well-optimized career site in reaching your hiring and recruiting goals?