13 Ways to Say Thank You on National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day

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The first Tuesday in June each year is reserved to celebrate healthcare recruiters across the nation and recognize the important work they do every day. They hold the fundamental responsibility in attracting quality talent as well as ensuring hiring managers fill the most high-demanding healthcare roles in the midst of today’s looming talent shortage. 

As a background screening provider who focuses in the medical industry, we partner with healthcare organizations to ensure their recruiting efforts produce the safest yet most qualified hires. Recruiters make informed decisions based on the data collected from their education, experience, licensure and certification.

For those who work with healthcare recruiters regularly, here are a few thoughtful ways you can say “thank you” on this special day.

  1. Cater an all-staff breakfast or luncheon in their honor and allow others in the organization to meet the recruitment staff.
  2. Want something more personal? Invite them to a one-on-one (or immediate team) lunch.
  3. Surprise him or her with a desk plant or flower arrangement. A colorful assortment can brighten up anyone’s day. (Advice: I would save red roses for your partner on Valentine’s Day.)
  4. Allergies? Deliver a box of warm cookies from a local bakery with some healthcare-themed decorations.
  5. Give a bottle of vino to “un-wine” after a long day.
  6. Not much of a drinker? A gift card to their favorite coffee shop would work just as well.
  7. Gift a spa retreat for an hour of relaxation.
  8. Not really a spa person? Purchase a gift card to a nice restaurant.
  9. Reward great work with extra PTO.
  10.  If that’s not a viable option, giving an extra hour for lunch or early release would be just as appreciated.
  11.  Accompany these gifts with a handwritten, heart-felt thank you card from hiring managers and/or the physicians and nurses they helped recruit. This simple gesture can make all the difference.
  12.  Allow the entire healthcare staff to create a tree of post-it notes in the lobby or breakroom with words or phrases of endearment describing him or her or the department as a whole.
  13. Help them stay ahead of the latest best practices and by sending them to the National Association for Healthcare Recruitment (NAHCR) IMAGE Conference in July.

To all healthcare recruiters, we would like to thank you for the work you put forth every day to ensure our healthcare system is filled with the most competent, qualified staff.  We appreciate your longstanding commitment to the profession and wish you Happy Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day!

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