The 2nd Annual Hollie Frye Service Award: Recognizing Employee Excellence

The 2nd Annual Hollie Frye Service Award: Recognizing Employee Excellence
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At PreCheck, we are excited to have announced the recipients of the second annual Hollie Frye Service Award, a company tradition that we instated in 2012 in memory of one of our beloved leaders and pioneer investigators. Not only was it a way to honor Hollie’s memory, but also to recognize our employees in the categories of job excellence, teamwork, and customer service. As a healthcare exclusive background and employment screening firm, taking great care of our clients is our top priority, because we know how it can impact quality of patient care.

2013 was a special year for PreCheck, because we celebrated our 20th anniversary exclusively serving the healthcare industry. When it came to presenting the annual Hollie Frye Service Award, we wanted to make sure we included the entire company.

Like last year, we announced the recipient of the award during the annual holiday picnic for our Alamogordo, NM operations office in November. This year, however, we also recognized a member of our corporate headquarters in Houston, TX during our holiday luncheon in December.

Meet the Recipients of the 2nd Annual Hollie Frye Service Award

Estella Avila, Public Records Supervisor at our Alamogordo office, was presented with the second Hollie Frye Service Award by our President and Chief Operating Officer, Zach Daigle. Estella was recognized by her peers for displaying dedication to PreCheck as well as her team. She does what it takes to get the job done while maintaining the utmost quality work. Regardless of her daily workflow, she was always willing to lend a helping hand. She also has a sunny disposition, which always makes her pleasant to work with.

“I personally knew Hollie and I had the opportunity to get to know her, and love her,” says Estella. “To be honored under her name is beyond words. It made working alone on the weekends worth it. It was quite an honor to know Hollie, and I was very shocked – in a good way!”

In addition, Zach was delighted to present Brenda Page, PreCheck’s Quality Assurance Specialist, as Houston’s first recipient of the Hollie Frye Service Award, in recognition of her enduring commitment to PreCheck and excellence in customer service. “Ms. Brenda”, as she is dearly called by those who work with her, is recognized to be a model employee, a leader, and a true inspiration. She is the best at what she does and is always willing to share it with others. 

“I wouldn’t have survived without Hollie,” says Ms. Brenda. “I was one of the people who benefited from her knowledge because she never minded sharing. Many of the jobs I’ve done here, Hollie has helped me with every one of them. I always felt comfortable going to her. She gave me advice or she would talk to me until I came up with the answer myself. I think this is absolutely wonderful. Because of the type of award it was, it made it even that much more special.”