3 Ways to Attract Top Healthcare Talent in 2023

Senior Director of Marketing

The healthcare industry has evolved in recent years as technology continues to provide innovation for workers and patients alike. And like many industries since the beginning of the pandemic, healthcare organizations increasingly need to find qualified talent.

Talent shortages in the healthcare industry are an ongoing issue. Nearly 80% of hospitals surveyed by Aon in 2022 had higher clinical turnover, while 83% increased clinical hiring in the past year.

Many candidates have shifted their career priorities in recent years and are looking for employers that meet their whole-life needs, not just offer perks. Leaders need to think outside the box to attract and keep this talent.

Explore three trends employers should pay attention to when recruiting and onboarding healthcare talent in 2023.

1. Make It Easier for Candidates to Find You

Every healthcare job has a pool of qualified candidates capable of doing the work. However, not all job-seekers have access to or even know about the opportunities available. How can HR leaders and recruiters reach these candidates where they are?

Rikin Shah, CEO and Head of Content at life insurance agency GetSure, suggests connecting with professionals in other fields to reach qualified talent. These partners can be in the private or public sector, professional groups, workforce boards or academia.

“As an investment in your future workforce, create comprehensive initiatives to codify and direct these collaborations,” Shah says. “Invite partners to quarterly information meetings with your CEO so they may better understand your future labor requirements and assist you to develop new strategies to satisfy those requirements.”

Another way to be more accessible to healthcare talent is by leveraging social networks and employee referrals.

“Look for talent on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram,” says Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Kellie K. Middleton. “Additionally, they should consider leveraging their existing team by offering referral bonuses to those who refer qualified candidates.”

2. Demonstrate Your Employee Value Proposition

Every healthcare employer has an employee value proposition (EVP) that can position you for the candidates you most want to reach. Many employers are rethinking their EVPs so they can continue attracting top healthcare talent.

To create an effective EVP, start by learning what your employees and ideal candidates want out of work. Also, look at what peer organizations and other sectors are doing to attract talent. Remember that your EVP is about the entire employee experience, not just recruitment.

“As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, businesses need to create a workplace environment that promotes personal and professional growth,” Middleton shares. “Leaders should create an inclusive culture that values collaboration, open communication, and a safe space for employees to express their ideas without fear of judgment.”

Presenting an effective EVP can help leaders access a larger talent pool for all roles, not just patient-facing jobs. When you optimize your EVP, you can speed up the hiring process, which reduces hiring and recruiting costs.

3. Help Employees Beyond Pay

Healthcare candidates want equitable compensation, of course, but pay alone isn’t the only factor they’re considering. Benefits, workplace conditions and professional growth are other powerful motivators.

Candidates are looking for workplaces that allow them to do more of what really matters: building trusting relationships with their patients. Show how you empower employees to connect with patients as people, not just as outcomes.

Another way to attract top talent is by demonstrating how they can grow their career within your organization through skills development, flexible work, and upward mobility. Like with patient relationships, you need to show potential hires that you are invested in their growth, not just a transactional relationship.

Be the Employer People Want to Work For

As healthcare companies continue to evolve and innovate, you need top talent to reach your goals. Rethink how you’re reaching candidates and how you’re demonstrating your EVP to improve your recruiting in 2023.

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