3 Ways to Inspire Healthcare Employees to Boost Productivity

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What do improving employee engagement, increasing motivation and boosting morale all have in common? They are all formulated to help employees perform their best and achieve their highest career goals. Today, even the most inspired can reach a stage of burnout and become less productive. According to ABC News, the medical field is rated among the top 10 most stressful jobs in America; and in a recent Medscape report, burnout among physicians has increased by 25 percent in just four years. Not only is this a growing concern for healthcare employers across the nation, this may become an epidemic within the healthcare industry in the coming years as more seasoned nurses and physicians reach retirement.

Here are three practices to inspire your teams to perform optimally in the workplace.

1. Offer Career Growth Opportunities

Though promotions or job advancements are the most important reasons for healthcare employees to stay with their current employer, a Deloitte study finds, experts say growth and development needs of employees are not a priority in many workplaces. Offering growth opportunities such as a career development plan can be a win for both employers and employees. “The plan focuses on the employees’ needs for growth and development and the assistance the organization can provide so that the employee has the opportunity to grow his or her career,” says human resources expert Susan Heathfield in a the balance article. In addition to growing their career, employees are also interested in developing themselves both personally and professionally, ultimately impacting the organization’s bottom line.

2. Implement Value-Based Recognition

Sixty-eight percent of respondents in a survey found that connecting recognition to values positively impacted employee retention. While 81 percent of companies have formal recognition programs, only 58 percent tie that recognition to the company’s values. According to Entrepreneur contributor Heather Huhman, there are four steps to creating a recognition program that reinforces company values:

  1. Identify the traits and behaviors that embody core values – what traits, practices or behaviors are necessary for individual and company-wide success?
  2. Align employees with the company values – they need to understand how those values relate to their daily tasks.
  3. Focus on the process vs. results – value-based recognition focuses more on actual process than on the final results.
  4. Lead by example – bring organizational values to life by practicing those values while at work, and employees will follow suit.

3. Provide ‘Progress Reviews’

In the past, annual performance reviews were seen as an effective practice to measure the pulse of employees and the entire organization. However, over the years, it has grown to become more punitive rather than constructive and often demotivate employees. That’s why Gallup recommends reframing these meetings from “performance reviews” to “progress reviews.” A progress review should allow for a two-way conversation about continual improvement and development, says contributors Ben Wigert and Annamarie Mann at Gallup. “The best managers recognize their employees’ achievements and help them understand how they can improve in the future. Effective progress reviews should allow for conversation about successes, not just opportunities for feedback,” Wigert and Mann say.

What does your organization do differently to engage and inspire employees? Please share in the comments section below.

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