4 Healthcare License Monitoring Tips That Will Increase Your Productivity

4 Healthcare License Monitoring Tips That Will Increase Your Productivity
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Today’s demanding healthcare environment pressures employers to explore more effective and efficient means to manage licenses and certifications. Manual record systems, like spreadsheets and checklists, are cumbersome and expend invaluable time that can be used to address other key issues affecting healthcare organizations, such as improving patient outcomes and readmission rates.

Functions that once were carried out manually and in many steps can often be largely automated. Comprehensive license monitoring systems not only allow credentialing managers to reduce costly human error, but they offer healthcare human resources departments access to publicly available discipline and license status updates provided directly from all nursing boards across the nation—and this gives employers a powerful advantage, especially from a compliance perspective.

As we continue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of LicenseManager Pro, I would like to share four tips that will help you streamline your license monitoring process to increase efficiency and productivity.

Integrating HRIS Systems

A growing number of healthcare organizations are upgrading and changing their current payroll and human resource information systems (HRIS). These systems help facilitate communication across functional areas and allow healthcare organizations to collect information from multiple sources to facilitate strategic planning. When partnering with a third party license verification management software like PreCheck’s LicenseManager Pro, an integration with your HRIS can expand the benefits of the tool. For example, with a proper integration, you can have your time and attendance software prevent employees with an expired license from treating patients. A great software integration will help mitigate risk for your organization in a way that utilizes your healthcare license management system’s automation capabilities, letting your data work for you so you can focus on key HR initiatives.

Centralizing License Information

A centralized license monitoring system makes the task of acquiring, storing and sharing licenses and certifications attainable. An effective system coordinates credentialing information, manages workflows and ensures continuity among all licensing staff, especially when multiple facilities are involved. Consolidating avoids duplicate requests for information, which in the end saves time and energy. “Many healthcare organizations fail at maintaining a successful licensing management process because there’s no centralized location to document or save all that information,” says Dionne Austin, PreCheck’s Director of Credentialing Programs. Using robust license management systems gives you a digital repository for all licensed employees’ credentials.

Receiving Real-Time Alerts

With real-time alerts, employers are notified in advance of any impending expired licenses. This ensures practitioners are in good standing throughout their entire work cycle with the organization. The laws and standards put forth by accrediting bodies, such as The Joint Commission, DNV and Health and Human Services, require proof and documentation of the timely renewal of required licenses and/or certifications for healthcare workers. Fortunately, it’s becoming easier for healthcare organizations to gain access to real-time updates with services like the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s (NCSBN) Nursys e-Notify. The Nursys e-Notify service, which is utilized by PreCheck’s LicenseManager Pro system, provides nursing employers with automatic licensure, discipline and publicly available notifications.

Communicating Across All Departments

License management systems enable employees, managers and HR administrators to effectively communicate across all departments. With license monitoring, it’s about staying aware and being in the know with your staff members. Those who may be responsible for license monitoring for a system or an entire organization may lose sight of how many licenses they have in the system because of all their other responsibilities. “A healthcare license management system like LicenseManager Pro allows you to not lose sight of the big picture when it comes to licenses,” says Austin, “especially in larger and mid-size healthcare systems where they have multiple facilities.”

Keeping track of healthcare employee professional licenses has traditionally been a tedious and paper-driven task for healthcare employers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the latest technology in healthcare license management, you have the option to upgrade from spreadsheets and paper files to a web-based system that can automate most of the process for you. With the power of automation, you can reclaim valuable time and increase productivity in your role.

Are you currently looking into updating your license management process? Contact us and ask how LicenseManager Pro can help you streamline your credentialing process today!

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