5 Reasons for Celebrating National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day

5 Reasons for Celebrating National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day
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Happy National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day! Healthcare recruiters play a significant role in our nation’s healthcare system. Not only do they hold the fundamental responsibility in attracting quality talent, they also help organizations fill in the most high-demanding jobs to ensure our nation keeps up with the looming shortage of healthcare talent. In fact, experts say that the total physician shortfall will increase to 62,000 and 94,700 by 2025 and the nurse shortage will surge to nearly 527,000 by 2022. This is especially alarming as we continue to see practicing babyboomers retire and burnout among physicians and nurses rise.

As a background screening firm who focuses in the healthcare industry, we work alongside healthcare organizations across the nation to ensure their recruiting efforts produce the safest, most skilled and qualified hires—because recruiters assess candidates based on collected data from their education, experience, licensure and certification.

This year, for National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day—held on the first Tuesday in June each year—we reached out to industry leaders across the nation and asked, “What do you love most about healthcare recruitment?” Sure enough, they came through and provided us with some great responses.

Here’s what they had to say:

I love knowing that I indirectly impact patient care because I am responsible for finding the best candidate for the department I'm recruiting for. I know my family, friends, and community are going to receive the best care when they walk in our doors. 

Anna Herreth, Senior Recruiter at Houston Methodist

As a healthcare recruiter, I love the excitement of learning something new each and every day. Healthcare is constantly changing with new technologies, discoveries of new diseases, and explorations of cures. In my role at an academic medical center, I'm not only accountable for recruiting hospital employees, but I’m also responsible for the research, academic and support services positions as well. In all, we hire people who are caring, compassionate, driven and innovative; in addition to people who find ways to produce better healthcare outcomes for our patients and the world. It sure feels good knowing that I'm a part of that!

Audrey Travis, Executive Recruiter at UTMB Health

I love being able to recruit for people who can make the difference in the lives of others and their healthcare, whether it is behind the scenes or direct care. There's nothing more satisfying than to know you've helped make a difference.

Debbie Uptain, Recruiter at District Medical Group

What I love most about healthcare recruitment is that the industry is constantly evolving and forces me to study and adapt. This ultimately leads to a more refined recruitment style, in turn, making me better at my job.

Ken Dugan, Corporate Healthcare Recruiter at Acadia Healthcare

People are my passion, and as a recruiter for hospitals, our purpose is to serve and enable those who care for and improve human life in their communities. I love meeting new people and learning about their career goals and desires. It’s a wonderful feeling when you can help a candidate land their dream job!

Kimberly Buchannon, HR Recruiter at Parallon

These are just a few examples of what healthcare recruiters love about what they do. What do YOU love about healthcare recruitment? Please share; we’d love to hear from you!

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