Celebrating Eleven Years of Achievement: Dana Sangerhausen

Celebrating Eleven Years of Achievement: Dana Sangerhausen
Marketing Director

Since beginning her career at PreCheck as a Client Account Manager more than ten years ago, Dana Sangerhausen has contributed to an energetic company culture that represents the pinnacle of excellence and adaptability within the healthcare and human resources industry. “I have the privilege of waking up every day knowing that I am a part of something meaningful,” she declares.

I have the pleasure of working with some of the brightest, sharpest, most inspirational people in the industry.Dana’s steadfast adherence to PreCheck’s core values of professional exceptionalism, personalized service, and accuracy-in-reporting has led her to assume her current responsibilities as PreCheck’s Director of Operations. In this role she uses her years of client-facing experience and technical knowledge to push process improvement and client education initiatives. “I’ve always been driven by the idea of process improvement and client education," Dana comments on her current role. "This role has given me even greater freedoms in these areas.”

Multi-focused and continually seeking new ways to impact and enrich the lives of those she serves, Dana’s leadership is guided by a set principles that are the embodiment of PreCheck’s commitment to quality. “We are a family, which can mean many things," she adds, "but in our case it means genuine support and care, and lifting up of one another.”
Dana recently sat down to answer some questions about her time at PreCheck, impart some sound advice for healthcare employers, and share her vision for the company in the coming years. 

What do you enjoy most about your role at PreCheck?

There are so many things I love here at PreCheck! My favorite thing, though, would be working directly with clients and forging relationships with them. To be able to work on processes for them and find solutions for them is so rewarding. I love really digging in and learning about our clients’ unique processes, and then being able to assist them and improve the client experience. I’ve learned so much from those relationships that have helped me grow in my career. It’s a wonderful feeling.

What motivates you to lead PreCheck’s operations?

A number of things motivate me in my role. We talk often about being superheroes everyday, and claim that we wear invisible capes. The information that we provide to clients helps us to play a role in ensuring patient and workplace safety. I have the pleasure of working with some of the brightest, sharpest, most inspirational people in the industry. The PreCheck staff is so dedicated and committed to what we do, and to our clients.

How involved are you with NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners)?

I’m an active member of the Government Relations Committee at NAPBS, which entails monthly calls and updates to discuss emerging or recent legislative issues, and discuss our position as well as strategy. I also attend annual and mid-year conferences and our yearly Capitol Hill Day, where we meet face-to-face with regulators and legislators.

What are some challenges facing the healthcare background screening industry?

The challenges we face in the background screening industry center around assumptions about what information the employer receives, and how employers use the information we provide. For example, we’ve worked hard to dispel the belief that employers receive an individual’s credit score as a part of a credit report.

We frequently see proposals to redact identifiers from public records. Without critical identifiers to positively confirm or rule out a potential matching record, the accuracy of reporting drops significantly.

We also face the challenge that lawmakers will specifically propose a fingerprint-based criminal search of the FBI’s Interstate Identification Index. There are documented issues with this system returning incomplete information, which leaves the public and employers at risk if solely dependent on such a search. PreCheck uses a variety of methods to obtain real-time, up-to-date and complete information for our clients, rest assured.

To compound this issue, there are potential conflicts with both federal expectations or emerging laws in comparison to state laws or requirements to perform certain searches or check and contribute to state registries. Our clients may find themselves asking "which am I required to abide by?" We will certainly keep education and information coming as we know more about these areas.

How has the background screening industry in the realm of healthcare changed over the past eleven years?

The Joint Commission released HR Standard 01.02.05, which drove healthcare employers to reexamine their obligations to verify employee and even nonemployee qualifications and competencies. We've also seen a trend in healthcare employers are opting to go paperless with our I-9Ensure electronic I-9 and E-Verify processing solution, which has been tremendous. 

What’s your best advice for healthcare employers reviewing their background screening practices?

It would be worthwile for employers to take measures to validate the quality of information provided to their screening partner to ensure timely and accurate reporting. An example of this would be making distinctions between such items as agency employment versus job placement, and GED’s versus high school diplomas. If these distinctions aren’t shared with your screening partner it can lead to delays in report completion, and affect the results of an investigation. We encourage clients to communicate as much detail as they can to ensure incredible results. Additionally, we’ve seen great mutual success when we’ve received orientation and schedules and start dates along with screening orders.

What main objectives do you plan to focus on for 2013 and beyond?

2013 is going to be a great year for PreCheck and our clients. We are providing support for our staff by streamlining processes and giving them improved tools. We’ll also be kicking off a project in Q2 to add some great new features to the Client Access area of our website that I know our clients will love!

As for what awaits us over the next eleven years: we’ll continue to provide solutions that are highly sought-after, which will help our clients to mitigate risk and remain competitive. PreCheck has a history of listening to and focusing on our clients’ needs, and many of our solutions have been developed as a result of that. That behavior is the cornerstone of our mutual success and will certainly be continued.