Celebrating Health Care HR Week with Today’s Industry Leaders

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The job for healthcare human resources is a vital and never ending one. From boundless hiring decisions to critical patient safety initiatives and effective employee engagement strategies to successful communication tools, healthcare HR leaders hold an important role in the every day operations of our healthcare systems.

To recognize their incredible work, we’ve joined the American Society of Healthcare Human Resources Administration during Health Care HR Week by reaching out to healthcare HR leaders across the nation and asked: What do you love about healthcare HR? This week encourages the acknowledgement of and appreciation for this group of passionate and talented individuals who work in hospitals and healthcare organizations across the continuum of care.

Here are just a few things today’s industry leaders have to say:

I’ve held my role as a Human Resources Director for nearly 10 years. Throughout those years, I’ve experienced so many challenges in my day-to-day functions in the HR Department. However, I enjoy the problem solving aspect and helping staff feel like we really want what is best for them and their jobs. I also love the interaction we have with our staff on a daily basis and welcoming new hires into our organization and getting them excited about working here.

-Ashley Files, Human Resources Director at Winn Parish Medical Center

I love being there to assist the people whose jobs are those to serve people and help them live better/healthier lives.

-Beverly Duncan, HR Manager at The Shape of Behavior

I love finding the right people to provide great care and ensure that patients are in a safe environment.  I hire team members that I would feel just as comfortable if they were caring for a member of my own family.

-Carey Craig, HR Director at Wesley Woodlawn Hospital and ER

I am filled with gratitude to be able to say I worked in the Human Resources profession for as long as I have. In Human Resources, I found my career, my vocation and my personal mission. I love that I am able to add value to my company as a strategic partner in the business arena and have challenging work. I am presented with opportunities every day to serve our employees in meaningful ways. Ultimately, what I do enables me to ensure that our staff has what they need to successfully deliver high quality patient care.

- Carol Moreno, HR Business Partner at HCA

I love that healthcare careers attract people who are genuinely passionate about what they do. Not only do they choose this career to make a living, but they also want to make a positive impact in the lives of the people they serve. They often carry personal stories with them about how other healthcare professionals have changed their lives and inspired them to follow in the same footsteps. No matter which position they hold, I’ve seen them come together to comfort and cry with patients and their families. Many hospital jobs are behind the scenes and a patient never sees them; but they keep it all rolling. It’s an honor to work alongside people who truly care about their work.

-Carolyn Livingston, Human Resources Director at IASIS Healthcare/Salt Lake Regional Medical Center

What I love about healthcare HR is that although we don't interact with our patients every day, we get the honor of protecting and caring for them in all we do. We're kind of like their anonymous guardians, and it's that thought that continually motivates me to do better and be better!

-Julie Ashinhurst, HR Generalist at Valley View Hospital

What I love about healthcare human resources is the ability to help people from different walks of life—and what I mean by that is you encounter people beyond employees such as patients, customers, vendors, doctors, etc. You're not only contributing to your HR duties and the hiring process, but you’re also serving patients, employees, families and surrounding communities.

-Latisha Legare, HR Generalist at OakBend Medical Center

Happy employees = happy residents! I've been in this industry for 30 years, and I enjoy having the opportunity to serve residents by ensuring we hire only the most competent and skilled employees. I am passionate about what I do here every day because I know that every decision I make affects patient safety and the quality of care.

- Rhonda Summie, Regional HR Director at Blue Ridge Healthcare

The opportunity to be a part of the success story of our hospital is why I love working in healthcare HR. The best thing I love telling people about what I do is: "I hire people to save lives everyday." Not everyone can say that or have that big of an impact in their industry. Working in the healthcare HR profession also provides you with a great opportunity to grow and learn. It's not the same task or projects every day. It's always something different and it constantly keeps you on your toes. We have a great, energetic HR team in our office and it allows me to love what I do every day.

-Samantha Thompson, Human Resource Generalist at Abilene Regional Medical Center

I love having the opportunity to support all of the amazing caregivers at our hospital and providing our community quality people to provide safe healthcare.

-Senta Cornelius, VP of HR at West Valley Medical Center

I love that every day is a new adventure. There is so much to learn as both healthcare and human resources continue to evolve.

-Shawna Reker, Senior HR Business Partner at HCA

I love being a part of a community that develops and nurtures a culture of family in the healthcare organization. We get to meet such a variety of people. When you see them all come together, it is satisfying to know you’ve played a key role in making that happen.

-Stephanie Kunkel, VP of HR at Tampa Community Hospital and Memorial Hospital of Tampa

I am honored to work with people who have chosen careers centered on helping people. I have found that people in healthcare are some of the most caring and determined individuals you will encounter. When I am provided with an opportunity to assist one of these individuals, I know that by assisting him/her, I am ultimately affecting a number of other people that day. If I'm helping a manager, I know that manager is going to have an effect on a number of employees that day, and those employees will help our patients and those patients have a better opportunity to improve, become more healthy and take care of their loved ones and friends. Healthcare HR is truly an opportunity to be a part of a circle of caring individuals and I've been fortunate to spend the last 10 years working in this environment!

-Suzanne Bunch, Human Resources Director at HCA

Being in healthcare HR affords me the ability to touch people's lives and hearts every day. We have the unique privilege to work in a mission-based organization focused on improving the lives of those around us. At Lakeland Health, we are blessed to work in an organization that has a continued focus on touching the hearts of those we care for and for those we employ. I can’t think of another industry with such connection to purpose than healthcare.

-Tracy Braman, Executive Director of HR at Lakeland Health

We’d like to wish all healthcare HR heroes a very happy Health Care HR Week; thank you for everything that you do! Keep doing what you do best: saving lives.

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