Happy 10th Birthday, LicenseManager Pro!

Marketing Specialist

This February, we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of LicenseManager Pro, PreCheck’s healthcare license management system. Since its debut in 2005, we’ve been committed to providing healthcare organizations with a comprehensive, streamlined credentialing system to aid in the tedious process of monitoring expired licenses and certifications. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with our development team to discuss how LicenseManager Pro came to be and how it has evolved over the past 10 years.

It began as a request from a long-standing client for an automated license management tool, says Santosh Chapyala, PMP, PreCheck’s IT Director and Enterprise Architect. “As we added more features and functionality to accommodate our clients, LicenseManager Pro continued to evolve and grow into its own product. Conceptually, it’s very simple; but if you take a deep dive into it, there’s a lot of complexities involved.”

As LicenseManager Pro developed and became more robust, other healthcare organizations and health systems wanted to utilize its functions to its entirety. We were able to integrate our license management system with their HRIS software to provide ongoing, up-to-date monitoring. If an employee had an expired license, for example, their access to a facility would be automatically revoked. Through its successful integrations, we were able to incorporate similar functions to other organizations looking to streamline their license monitoring process.

“I would like to thank our clients for their continued support and for being such great advocates for us,” says Dionne Austin, CPCS, PreCheck’s Director of Credentialing Programs and Product Manager for LicenseManager Pro. “Their loyalty and feedback is how our IT team has been able to evolve the product over the last 10 years. It’s comforting to know that the enhancements are coming from someone who sits in their seat and from the same line of work.”

There’s nothing impossible here at PreCheck and that’s what we’ve believed since day one. “I am incredibly proud of what our product development and software development teams have conceived, created and developed over the past decade," says Zach Daigle, PreCheck’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “LicenseManager Pro is revolutionizing the way that healthcare organizations manage their compliance requirements for licensed personnel. Gone are the days of internally verifying the license every two years or during the month of expiration, and pleading with employees to renew on time. The system proactively communicates with employees, managers and HR administrators to ensure compliance, and licenses are monitored virtually real-time for status changes and board actions. The system gives our customers a digital repository for all of their licensed employees’ credentials, and makes adhering to accreditation standards a breeze.  In the coming years, the product will provide our customers with the capability to store, track, verify and report on a wide variety of credentials and personnel qualifications, making LicenseManager Pro the only end-to-end, credentials management center in the industry.”

At PreCheck, we are committed to listening to our customers and to meeting their needs—and that’s especially the case with the story of LicenseManager Pro. 10 years ago, we listened to the license monitoring needs of a leading healthcare system and LicenseManager Pro was the result of our collaborative efforts. Who knows what our healthcare license management system will look like in 2025? One thing is for certain: it will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our healthcare customers because that’s central to our mission at PreCheck.

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