How to Recruit the Right-Fit Talent in Healthcare

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Recruiting is about more than just finding qualified people who have the skills and abilities to do the job. It’s about ensuring they’re a good fit, too.

A candidate may have all the skills and experience you want for a position and be eager to take it, but if he or she isn’t a fit for your organization’s culture, you may not get the best work out of him or her over time, and he or she may be at a higher risk of leaving for another job, putting you back at square one in the hiring process.

So how do healthcare hiring managers hire for fit? And what’s at stake if they don’t?

What Does ‘Right Fit’ Mean Anyway?

The concept of “right fit” can be confusing at first, admits Janet Jones, Travel Project Coordinator at Fortus Healthcare Resources. “Right fit is a wide ranging term because each position, client and candidate are unique and pose a variety of challenges that are overcome during the qualifying/interviewing process.”

Identifying what you need out of a position and a candidate will help you narrow down your candidate pool to those who have the potential to fit in quickly and easily upon being hired, says Jones. Knowing what your company stands for can help.

“Recruiting for the right-fit talent is critical because it is about networking and recruiting for the healthcare professional that has the qualifications and experience to be considered for a position that you need to fill, and someone who you feel will represent your organization with their clinical and professional expertise,” Jones explains.

The Importance of Networking

Networking is key to identifying candidates who may be the right fit for your organization, says Jones. Work with people who know your organization and might recognize someone with the strengths and personality you need.

“There is certainly no wrong way to qualify a candidate for an opening, but networking with other professionals, referrals, recruiting, and pre-qualifying the healthcare professional with their education, years of experience, knowledge, work ethics, and verifying references are some of the standard methods we use,” she says. “Listening to what the candidate is looking for in a position and knowing that it will be a right fit for both candidate and your organization are keys to having success in any recruiting situation.”

You Want Employees Who Will Stay the Course

In this stressful and fast-paced industry, it’s important to find someone with staying power, no matter what position you’re hiring for, says Belinda Walmsley, director at Randstad Care, one of the largest nursing and healthcare recruiting agencies in the U.K.

“It's important to ensure that people are recruited who have the patient at the heart of everything they do and have the tools to cope with the many day to day challenges,” she says. “Strong and in-depth registration interviews are vital to ensure the right people are placed in the right opportunities. With funding diminishing and workloads increasing, it's important to recognize what a stressful job it can be.”

Identifying what makes your organization unique and what types of people need to be part of it will help you hire right-fit talent when the time comes to increase your ranks.

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