How Your Authorization and Release Form Can Make a Big Difference

How Your Authorization and Release Form Can Make a Big Difference
Marketing Manager

As a reputable employer yourself, it probably comes as no surprise that the majority of employers and educational institutions that we contact for verifying applicant history or credentials require that we provide them with an authorization (release) form signed by the applicant before they will provide any information. As people continue to become even more concerned with sensitivity of personal information and maintaining secure data, we are seeing an increasing trend in such requirements.

Issues arise when we are unable to provide the form at the time of our request, and the completion of the background check is delayed. To compound the situation, hiring is as competitive as ever, if not more so.

If you are not already today sharing your release forms at the time of placing your order with us we urge you to reconsider. If you collect hard copy forms you can simply include the form along with your order, whether you fax or email to us. If you’re interested in an electronic and paperless solution, we even offer an online release form that you can ask applicants to complete on our website, reducing your need to forward that particular form to us. You provide them with a link or even verbal instructions, including a code specific to your location, and they are stored until you place your background check order through whatever means you choose.

Whatever option you employ, having the release form at the time that we contact an employer, educational institution, or other agencies on your behalf can make a big difference. We understand how important it is to make fast and informed hiring decisions.  Having the release form from the beginning of the process also ensures we have all alias names an applicant may have gone by.

If you’d like more information about our online release form solution or have additional questions, please contact your PreCheck Client Account Manager.