The Optimal Time To Submit Your Background Check Order

The Optimal Time To Submit Your Background Check Order
Senior Vice President of Operations

Ever wonder if there's a best time for submitting your background check [email protected] PreCheck recommends a general rule of thumb—the earlier in the day you can send in your request, the better. We don't publish a hard and fast cut-off time because we know that volumes and hiring practices can fluctuate, but we suggest sending in orders during the first half of your day.

Consider the following when submitting your background check:

  • Most employers, schools, and courthouses keep similar hours to you and your office. So if you receive a request for employment verification at the end of the day, like most other employers, you're probably not likely to respond at that time.
  • With more and more employers running background checks and hiring back on the rise, employers, schools, and courts are hit with higher than ever request volumes.
  • Much like our recommendation for you to submit orders early in the day, our criminal record researchers request the same from us. Depending on the county, some researchers head out to the courts either once or twice a day. Late submissions typically go out the following day.
  • For those court record searches that must be conducted by court clerks, after the researcher submits the search request to the court clerk, that request sits in a queue until the clerk runs the search.

Clearly you see that requests that come in can't be processed immediately for a number of reasons, but by following our rule-of-thumb of morning submissions and providing complete information, we believe you'll start to see a faster return on your background reports.

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