PreCheck Product Highlight: StudentCheck


In this PreCheck Product Highlight, we’ll review key tools to consider in your screening program, as well as the top benefits and features available with PreCheck.

This month’s highlight is StudentCheck®, bringing together students, schools, and clinical sites to manage background screening.

What is a StudentCheck report? Why is it important?

When considering background screening, you typically think of an employer running a background check on a job applicant. However, StudentCheck is a type of background check that connects clinical sites with students and the schools they attended.

This product ensures the student has passed a background check and drug test, and/or meets all immunization requirements required by a clinical site before the student begins their clinical rotations. These three components are often mandated by the clinical site and ensure the student is fully qualified before providing care.

Who uses StudentCheck?

StudentCheck is a specialized product for schools with healthcare students who want to work in a clinical environment. Many schools currently manage this process internally, parsing out needed information on their own. It can be a disjointed, cumbersome process that adds time and uses precious resources. StudentCheck is a way for these schools to streamline the student background check process, while PreCheck handles the heavy lifting.

How does StudentCheck work?

StudentCheck allows schools to manage all clinical site screening and tracking requirements directly from PreCheck’s portal, allowing them to electronically submit reports to clinical sites for review.

The school initiates the StudentCheck report, and the student navigates the student portal to submit their information for the background check. Once PreCheck compiles all the required information and reports, the student is ready for placement. The clinical site then views the StudentCheck report to determine if they will accept the student for work at their facility.

What is needed to order a StudentCheck report?

Once a school is signed up with PreCheck, there are a couple of options to get started:

  1. Schools may provide the student with a URL: The student signs up and provides all required information to process the background check, initiate and complete the drug test, and/or provide immunization records as required by the clinical site.
  2. Schools may initiate a StudentCheck report: This is similar to how an employer would order a background check on an applicant. The school provides the necessary information to send an invitation email to the student. The student then completes all required information to process the background check, initiate and complete the drug test, and/or provide immunization records as required by the clinical site.

PreCheck’s system is mobile-friendly, so students can use their computer, tablet, or mobile device to complete required screening components from wherever they may be. The school has the option to pay for the necessary report components, but often the school passes the fees through to the student.

What details can be returned on a StudentCheck report?

There is no default. Each school determines which components to include on their StudentCheck reports based on the requirements of their clinical sites.

It may contain:

  • A robust background check potentially includes a number of components such as criminal searches, identity confirmation, exclusion checks, and more,
  • A drug test,
  • Immunization tracking, or
  • Any combination of the three.
What are some best practices when ordering a StudentCheck report?
  • As with all background screenings, accurate information (such as date of birth, social security number, etc.) is important for the most comprehensive report for the student. This information can be provided by either the school or the student.
  • Clearly communicate to the student the importance of the StudentCheck screening, and ensure they understand the timeline.
  • Ensure the students understand the email address for StudentCheck support should they have questions or concerns.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates to the StudentCheck platform this fall, including a seamless immunization records experience, enhanced reporting, and a modernized platform!

How can PreCheck help you?

PreCheck has designed StudentCheck student background checks specifically to meet screening requirements for healthcare students in the clinical environment. We have been managing student background screening, drug testing, and immunization tracking programs for decades, serving more than 1,000 allied health programs nationwide.

PreCheck partners with eScreen and Sentry MD to provide you with an end-to-end experience for your StudentCheck reports. To see how StudentCheck can help your program, email [email protected] or visit us at