PreCheck Recognizes Prostate Cancer During Movember

PreCheck Recognizes Prostate Cancer During Movember
Marketing Specialist

Millions of men worldwide have gathered together this month to help shine light on men’s health issues: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. Since 2003, the Movember movement has garnered over four million supporters—both men and women—worldwide.

The annual campaign, spearheaded by The Movember Foundation, challenges men to grow moustaches during November to spark conversation and raise funds for its men’s health programs. “In my fourth year of participating in Movember, I've committed my upper lip to help change the face of men's health by growing a moustache,” says Brent Gibbons, PreCheck’s Client Development Consultant for the Southwest Region. “I’m passionate about this cause because too many men are dying unnecessarily from prostate cancer. In 2014, more than 233,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

To date, the Movember community has raised $559 million and funded over 830 programs in 21 countries. Funds raised are donated to multiple men’s health programs around the world. In addition, the movement has inspired over four million moustaches worldwide. Click here for a full report card.

Sam Beard, PreCheck Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast Region, bears a personal connection to the disease—he currently has three survivors in his family. “I’m passionate about Movember because they are working tirelessly every day connecting and funding the best scientific and clinical minds in the world,” says Sam. “They are working towards two urgent goals: to fast tracking a time when no man will die from prostate or testicular cancer, and to rid the world of discrimination against men and boys with mental health problems.”

How Does It Work?

Guys take action by signing up, shaving down their face on November 1, and growing a moustache during the entire month. Participants grow and groom their new Mo (slang for moustache), asking friends and family to donate to their efforts.

Mo Bros, termed for men participants, with their new moustaches, become advocates for a topic that is often ignored or overlooked. Movember, however, is not just for men. Mo Sistas, women who also participate in the campaign, can start a team and fundraise like Mo Bros do, they just don’t grow a Mo. At the end of the month, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas celebrate their Movember journey by throwing their own events or attending one of the official Gala Partés held around the world.

Prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues continue to play a large part in men’s health. The average life expectancy for men in the U.S. is almost five years less than women; so please help us in supporting two of PreCheck’s Mo Bros: Brent Gibbons and Sam Beard. Good luck, Mo Bros!