PreCheck Supports His Grace Foundation

PreCheck Supports His Grace Foundation
Marketing Manager

As an organization that services the healthcare community, PreCheck is committed to supporting patients and their families beyond the work that we do each day. Last December, we had the opportunity to wrap up 2015 by supporting His Grace Foundation (HGF) and their efforts to provide physical, emotional and financial support for the patients and families on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (BMTU) of Texas Children’s Hospital.

HGF helps ease the multitude of stressors on these families by providing temporary assistance with critical expenses (housing, utilities, car payments) through their Families in Need fund, supplying weekly groceries, and even offering three post-transplant homes (His Grace Place) for patients and families to live in during the 100-day period following treatment in which they must remain in close proximity to the hospital.

“The generosity of PreCheck provided Christmas for a family whose daughter, Briana Donis, has had a very long transplant journey,” says Valerie Anderson, Executive Director at His Grace Foundation. The family had no means to celebrate Christmas for their three daughters. The mom was recently laid off from her job and the dad is doing all he can, so they were thrilled at this unexpected blessing.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Valerie to discuss her involvement with HGF and how you can help make a positive impact in these children’s lives.

What does HGF’s mission mean to you?

Over 10 years ago I was introduced to Gracie, the Kiltz family’s daughter, who was the inspiration that started HGF. From the moment I heard about their mission to provide physical, emotional and financial support to families who have a child facing the last hope for a cure, I knew I wanted to be a part of something special. From a mother’s point of view, it’s all about the kids. These patients and their families have been through so much and when they enter the transplant phase, it’s a new chapter in an uncertain journey. Lifting daily burdens, in very practical ways, speaks volumes to the parents and caregivers. They are in a completely isolated environment. Bringing the comforts of home to them on a daily basis means everything to them.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Providing leadership support as a board member, being involved in very practical/personal ways, and seeing the growth that has taken place with HGF from the time it started in 1997 thrills me.

What is your most notable moment at HGF?

Getting acquainted with a patient family who had been through Hurricane Ike and lost everything in the midst of their daughter’s transplant. Watching my daughter volunteer and become friends with this little girl.

How have these children influenced you personally?

Witnessing their journey makes me want to bring them moments of happiness during their long hospital stay. I’ve been able to be a part of making that happen since I began with HGF.

Why did you choose HGF over other organizations?

HGF founders, John and Erin Kiltz, had a very strong faith that carried them through Gracie’s treatment. That faith continues to be at the base of all that HGF continues to do.

“Your contribution will assist HGF in providing support to approximately 125-150 families annually,” Anderson says. “Not only do they go to program services such as parking, a weekly shopping service, meals, emergency financial assistance, housing, therapy, and education support, but it will also help us bridge the gap for these families and keep their hope alive.”

For more information, please visit to see how you can positively impact these families’ lives.