PreCheck’s Top 10 Healthcare & Compliance Blog Posts of 2014

PreCheck’s  Top 10 Healthcare & Compliance Blog Posts of 2014
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2014 was phenomenal year for the PreCheck Blog. Not only did we double the amount of articles featuring healthcare experts and best practices, but the PreCheck Blog also won multiple prestigious awards, including being recognized as “Best Blog Website” by the Web Marketing Association. As we look forward to another great year of best practices for healthcare compliance, HR, and medical staff services teams, here’s a look back at the top ten most-read PreCheck Blog posts from 2014.

Healthcare Worker Drug Testing Trends for 2014

This article from March 2014 discusses the latest drug testing trends and recommendations in the healthcare industry. Drug testing was a very hot topic in healthcare for 2014, with DHHS Inspector General Daniel R. Levinson and Erika T. Broardhurst publishing an OpEd Column in the New York Times on the issue. While the physician drug testing ballot measure failed to pass this past November, the OIG’s recommendations remain relevant today. Read More.

4 Physician Employment Trends for 2014

By 2014, the healthcare landscape has changed drastically for physicians. Not only was this obvious by the discussion and sessions at last year’s ASHHRA and NAMSS conferences, but it has also been confirmed by the latest studies. This article discusses four key trends regarding the employment of physicians. Read More.

How to Reduce Staff Turnover in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare recruiters and HR teams play a key role in retaining their organization’s top talent. With long hours and emotionally draining work, retaining healthcare workers has its own special challenges. In this article, we interviewed healthcare experts from Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic, ClearFit, and PI Worldwide to weigh in on best practices. Read More.

7 Key Healthcare Background Screening and Employment Qualification Trends in 2014

In January, I put together a list of seven of the top trends in background screening and employment qualification specifically in the healthcare industry. While I have at least two items that I would add to the list for 2015, it’s still a great read to start thinking about the processes you currently have at your healthcare organization. Read More.

Employer Considerations for Drug Testing, Part 2: Drug Testing Methods

Last January, Cristina Loayza, Product Manager for PreCheck’s drug testing services, published the second part to her drug testing blog series for the PreCheck Blog. In this part, she discusses the methods healthcare employers can use to enforce their employment drug testing policy. Read More.

How Often Are Hospitals Required to Run Background Checks on Employees?

This is probably a question that many healthcare employers may ask themselves. While there’s no federal law requiring healthcare organization to run background checks, the latest research indicates that over 90% of employers conduct background checks on their employees. This article discusses why hospitals might benefit from conducting ongoing background checks on their staff. Read More.

The Healthcare Worker Drug and Substance Abuse Problem

This article, the third drug testing-related post on our list, proves that drug testing was a hot topic for healthcare organizations in 2014. This unsurprising, as the healthcare worker drug and substance abuse problem was highly publicized by the media after an April 2014 report found that 100,000 healthcare professionals abuse or are dependent on prescription drugs in a given year. Read More.

Social Media Employment Screening: 6 Red Flags It Can Help Uncover

While the use of social media in employment screening has gained popularity among employers, it can place your organization under considerable risk for litigation. This article discusses the findings from a 2013 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the six red flags employers can uncover through social media. Read More.

5 Takeaways from the 2014 NAMSS 38th Educational Conference

After attending my first National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) Educational Conference in New Orleans, I published my recap from last year’s sessions, including the motivational keynote presentation by Dr. David Nash. Here are five things medical services professionals should keep in mind for a successful 2015. Read More.

HCAHPS: 5 Ways Hospitals Can Improve Patient Satisfaction

I think our tenth article is the perfect way to end our list. At PreCheck, everything that we do as a company is centered on better patient care. In February, we spoke to three healthcare experts who shared his best practices for hospitals looking to improve their Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scores.  Read More.

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