PreCheck’s Top 10 Healthcare & Compliance Blog Posts of 2015

PreCheck’s Top 10  Healthcare & Compliance Blog Posts of 2015
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In 2015, the PreCheck Blog had another fantastic year covering the latest healthcare best practices and compliance issues. Once more, we were recognized for the quality of our content with multiple awards; and our readership continues to grow year after year. As we begin the new year with our best foot forward, it’s also an opportune time to reflect on the greatest lessons and best practices from 2015.

Here’s a look at the top ten most-read PreCheck blog posts from 2015.

1. Nursing Recruiting and Retention Strategies for 2015

For National Nurses Week, PreCheck met with experts from HomeHero, Kaye Bassman International, and Behave Wellness to weigh in on best practices for nursing recruiting and retention. This article focuses on nurse recruiting, retention, and other issues healthcare HR must navigate when managing these special caregivers. Read More.

2. Ban the Box Background Check Measures: 2015 Update

Although not a topic unique to healthcare, the “Ban the Box” background check movement affects employers across all industries. There are more than 100 states and cities that have adopted “Ban the Box” policies. More recently, President Obama directed the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to delay criminal history inquiries until later in the hiring process. Read More.

3. 4 Ways to Improve Patient Safety: Johns Hopkins Medicine Study

In this article, PreCheck’s Antique Nguyen reviews a recent Johns Hopkins Medicine study that identifies several factors for establishing a successful patient safety performance improvement strategy. Nguyen discusses the four methods the Johns Hopkins Medicine study employed for improving patient safety. Read More.

4. 6 Best Practices for Avoiding Negligent Credentialing

The consequences of negligent credentialing can be costly to a healthcare organization and its medical staff services department. Featured in the National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) eSynergy publication, this article discusses several best practices healthcare organizations can follow to protect themselves and ensure they’re doing all they can to remain compliant. Read More.

5. 5 Strategies to Optimize the Onboarding Process with HR Technology

In the past century, technological advances have transformed the face of healthcare. Despite these advancements in technology, many healthcare employers have overlooked the need to improve their onboarding system. This article offers five tips for optimizing your onboarding process with the latest technology. Read More.

6. Top Challenges for Hospitals in 2015

Hospitals support the health of their communities through dedication and compassionate care, but they need to prepare for the constant changes that lie ahead. This blog post reviews five articles discussing the top challenges for hospitals as well as tips for overcoming them. Read More.

7. Top Healthcare Recruiting Trends for 2015

For National Health Care Recognition Day, PreCheck spoke to experts from HealthcareSource, LinkUp Job Search, Doximity, to look at the trends and challenges healthcare recruiters face. This article discusses the latest trends affecting healthcare recruitment, from HCAHPS and data analytics to the nursing and physician shortages affecting the industry. Read More.

8. Marijuana Drug Testing: Considerations for Healthcare Employers

After recent changes in the legalization of medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, employers have major concerns for handling marijuana use in the workplace. At the federal level marijuana remains as a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substance Act. This article discusses a few key things to consider when testing for marijuana drug use. Read More.

9. 3 Reasons to Conduct Post-Hire Background Checks in Healthcare

Most healthcare employers conduct background checks before hiring a new employee, but not everyone conducts screens current employees. Unfortunately, employers can take on considerable risk for not screening employees and medical staff on an ongoing basis. This article discusses a few key reasons why healthcare employers should consider running post-hire background checks. Read More.

10. 8 Ways to Get Creative With Healthcare Employee Recognition

One of the things employees crave most is recognition. It’s an employ ant part of showing them their efforts count and in building an effective team at your healthcare organization. Employee recognition can truly make a difference in motivating your staff to provide the best patient care. This article discusses 8 different ways to give your employees the recognition they want. Read More.

10 Ways to Optimize Healthcare Recruiting and Onboarding Processes