Top 10 Healthcare & Compliance Blog Posts from 2018

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As we kick off the New Year, here’s a look back at the most popular posts from the previous year. 2018 was a year with a heightened focus on compliance for employers as FCRA litigation ensues while the healthcare industry faces the ongoing challenges of a rapidly changing sector. Background check compliance, drug testing, workplace appreciation, and the Death Master File Search are all topics that were most popular among our readers in the past year.

In 2019, we remain committed as ever to creating more valuable content for our healthcare readers. Feel free to send us a message with which topics you would like to see covered in our content. Without further ado, here’s the PreCheck Blog’s top 10 most read articles from 2018.

1. Top 3 Background Check Compliance Tips for 2018

For the first time on our annual list, the most popular article on the PreCheck Blog for 2018 was on background check compliance. From increased class-action lawsuits to data breaches affecting millions, it’s no wonder why our healthcare HR readers considered this issue as critical for compliance and risk mitigation.

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2. [Webinar] The Ongoing Importance of Drug Testing for the Healthcare Industry

Also a first on our annual list, the second most popular blog post for 2018 was an article promoting a webinar PreCheck hosted last spring. Healthcare is an industry where the the impact of drug use and abuse is seen firsthand, but managing a healthcare workforce has its own set of challenges. If you missed the webinar, you can now watch the recording by following the link below.

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3. 5 Ways to Express Appreciation in the Workplace

Workplace appreciation can be one of the most significant drivers of a positive and engaging working environment, and our readers seemed to agree. This summer, our team did an exercise by reading the book, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White, to learn about our preferred languages of appreciation. Find out more about how to empower and encourage your teams in the article below.

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4. Understanding the Death Master File Search: 5 Things You Should Know

Last spring, we decided to publish an article discussing a very specific search: the Death Master File search. We had no idea it would become a top 5 article in 2018, but we won’t argue with our readers! The Death Master File (DMF) contains over 85 million Social Security records of deceased individuals issues since 1936. Find out why employers might consider including it in their background screening process in the article below.

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5. HR Priorities for Healthcare Organizations in 2019

Last summer, we started looking ahead to the upcoming year and asked healthcare experts what HR should prioritize in 2019. Healthcare organizations have long been under distinct industry-specific pressures, and HR needs innovative approaches to manage these challenges effectively. Find out what they suggested in the full article below.

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6. Top 3 Initiatives for Healthcare HR in 2018

As part of our coverage for the American Society of Healthcare Human Resources Administration’s (ASHHRA) Health Care HR Week, we discussed the top initiatives healthcare HR faced in 2018. Find out if any of them apply to your organization or if they are ongoing initiatives that could carry on to 2019 and beyond.

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7. Retrospective: PreCheck’s 25 Years in Healthcare

It’s not every year PreCheck gets to celebrate a silver anniversary, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and readers for being part of this amazing journey. Even more special, is that you also gave this article a place on this list. If you haven’t already, find out more about our healthcare journey in the article below.

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8. Purpose-Driven Healthcare HR: 3 Best Practices

How aligned are you and your staff to your organization’s purpose? Healthcare organizations that have a clear purpose and work toward it together will find it easier to make improvements and achieve success. Find out why our readers selected this topic as one of the most popular for 2018 in the article below.

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9. 4 Ways Healthcare HR Can Drive Engagement

A topic often discussed at healthcare and human resources conferences, employee engagement earned the ninth spot on our annual list. And with research supporting that employee engagement can significantly reduce turnover costs in the healthcare industry, it’s clear why the topic resonated with our readers.

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10. 3 Reasons PreCheck is a ‘Great Fit’ for Healthcare Talent Screening

The final article on this year’s list is one discussing three areas where PreCheck can provide value as a background screening partner. Selecting a talent screening partner can be a challenging decision-making process for any business, but especially in the healthcare industry. Find out what makes PreCheck different in the article below.

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As we begin the new year, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a happy and prosperous 2019! PreCheck’s mission is connecting people with information to advance the quality of healthcare, and we look forward to another year of creating helpful, informative content that will aid in your continued success.

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