USCIS’ Revised Memorandum of Understanding

Senior Director of Marketing

On December 8, 2013, the USCIS released three revised Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) for users of E-Verify. The MOU is the legal document describing the agreement between the Department of Homeland Security and the entity requesting participation in E-Verify. Different versions are available on the USCIS website, based on the employer’s access method. If you use our electronic I-9 and E-Verify processing service, I-9Ensure, you are categorized under “Employers using an E-Verify Employer Agent Memorandum of Understanding.” Click here to access the revised MOU.

New users will review and execute the new or revised version of the MOU that applies to their access method upon enrollment. While employers with existing E-Verify accounts are not required to sign this revised MOU, you are still required to review the new version of the MOU. Beginning January 8, 2014, your company will be bound by the statements and expectations of this new MOU.

USCIS stated that all of the new and revised MOUs include “improved language and organization” to make them clearer to understand.

A summary of the changes can be found in the USCIS Fact Sheet and includes:

  • Changing the titles of the MOU to clearly identify who each of the MOU pertains to based on access method
  • Rewording the MOU to “improve flow and increase its readability”
  • Changing the structure of the MOU to make it easier to search and cite
  • Breaking up long sections
  • Updating several provisions and providing instructions for reporting privacy and security breaches

According to Michael Neifach, a shareholder of Jackson Lewis P.C., USCIS states that the new MOUs do not change the E-Verify enrollment process.

I encourage all of our readers and system users of I-9Ensure to become familiar with the terms stated in the MOU and to have a clear understanding of the government’s expectations on how you use E-Verify.

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