The Value of NAPBS Accreditation: An Interview with Vu T. Do

Marketing Manager

There are many reasons why it’s important for employers to use a background screening provider accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). From quality assurance to an ongoing commitment to industry standards, partnering with an NAPBS-accredited firm ensures your organization is served by a partner that protects your data and keeps you informed of essential compliance requirements.

Last month, Vu T. Do, PreCheck’s Vice President of Compliance, successfully spearheaded PreCheck’s NAPBS re-accreditation. Not only does Do focus on the organization’s operational compliance, she is a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP) and is active on a number of NAPBS committees. Her active participation demonstrates PreCheck’s longstanding commitment to the industry and enables her to remain current with the latest regulations impacting employer clients.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to discuss the value of NAPBS accreditation with Do as well as other topics affecting the background screening industry. Here’s what she had to say.

Why was it important for PreCheck to become NAPBS accredited?

All screening companies talk about commitment to quality, but earning accreditation meant that PreCheck was willing to put in the man-power, the hours, and the resources to actually achieve this distinctionAccreditation is our demonstration to clients and consumers that we are doing our best work.

What does this re-accreditation mean for the company and our clients?

Re-accreditation reaffirms that commitment and assures our clients of our continuous efforts to meet and maintain these standards that span categories from data privacy and protection, to client education and compliance, to sound business practices.

There are more than 100 NAPBS-accredited background screening providers. What sets PreCheck apart from the rest?

It’s great to see more screening firms earning accreditation and making the industry stronger as a whole. But what sets PreCheck apart is our focus and experience serving healthcare clients. We are unrivaled in our knowledge of the healthcare vertical.

You have been in the background screening industry for over 15 years; how has it evolved?

Most noticeably we’ve seen significantly more litigation, both single plaintiff and class actions being filed against employers and screening firms for alleged technical violations. As a result, consumer reporting agencies have really had to pay attention to evolving best practices and changing compliance standards, as have employers. I only see this trend continuing. And this is why industry accreditation is also particularly meaningful. 

What changes do you see on the horizon?

I don’t know about immediate changes, but I would expect technology to continue to reshape the industry and impact processes and services as we currently know them. It’s really hard to ignore the potential impact of blockchain technology, particularly with respect to certain components of a background check.

What advice would you give to those employers currently evaluating background screening providers?

It goes without saying: it’s most prudent for employers to consider NAPBS accredited firms. Additionally, it makes sense to prioritize requirements most crucial to the employer, and some of that may be determined by organization size, structure, industry, or hiring process. All employers expect accuracy, fast turn-around, and great customer service. But beyond those essentials, an employer should be able to identify key must-haves on their list, and those should guide their selection. But independent of those absolute must haves, employers should consider the willingness of the screening provider to truly serve as a partner and work with them throughout the relationship. I think that’s a critical consideration as well. 

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