[Webinar] Continuous Background Screening for Healthcare: Practical Considerations for Success

Marketing Manager

How does an employer know if their employees have been arrested or convicted of a crime while on the job? The truth is, unless employers run recurring criminal history checks post-hire, they simply won’t know. 

In this webinar, PreCheck’s Vice President of Compliance Vu T. Do covers practical advice for employers considering a continuous background screening policy. Adopting a criminal history recheck program allows healthcare employers to make critical decisions about personnel retention, reassignment, suspension, or potentially termination, whatever is the most appropriate action. But no action can be taken if employers simply do not know.

If a healthcare employer learns one of its CNAs has a pending sexual assault case, would it keep that employee in a patient contact position? Recurring criminal history screening makes it possible for employers to make these critical decisions to ensure patient safety, workplace safety, and to protect their brand.

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What You’ll Gain From the Webinar:

  • Understanding the value of criminal history rechecks
  • Exploring critical employer preparation before adopting rechecks
  • Considerations around employee communication for successful program adoption
  • And more!

About the Presenter

Vu T. Do
Vice President of Compliance, PreCheck

With over ten years’ experience in employment screening, Vu is responsible for ensuring procedural compliance across products, overseeing all matters involving the development, implementation, and enforcement of internal compliance programs for PreCheck.