[Webinar] The Ongoing Importance of Drug Testing for the Healthcare Industry

Marketing Manager

Healthcare providers play a critical role in today’s society – providing care for hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. As an industry, they have seen firsthand the devastating impact of drug use and abuse today. But with higher than average rates of use and addiction in their own employer population, how are employers in healthcare able to manage their own workforce? 

Understanding the current trends in prescription drug use, marijuana legalization, employee drug testing and policy will arm the healthcare industry with the tools they need to effectively manage their workplace in this rapidly changing environment. This webinar details the important changes for employers and service providers and includes the practical implications of the regulatory changes to employer's testing programs.

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Key Objectives: 

  • Review of prescription drug use, misuse, and abuse 
  • Review of marijuana legalization, both medicinal and recreational 
  • Costs and concerns for healthcare including Use vs. Abuse, healthcare costs, public safety 
  • Post-employment testing – including random testing, reasonable suspicion testing, and follow-up testing as a way of retaining talent and improving success 
  • Policy best practices and how to keep your policy current


Nina M. French
Managing Partner, Current Consulting Group

Nina M. French is the Managing Partner for the Current Consulting Group with over 25 years in employee screening. Nina has experience in managing drug-free workplace operations including product development, vendor management, medical review, client services, account management, marketing, and sales strategy. Her consulting emphasis is on helping screening companies streamline operations, define product portfolios, align core business goals, launch new products, increase revenue, and improve client retention. Nina's experience within the screening industry provides her with the expertise to consult with employers on program design, vendor selection, and best practices. Nina is widely published and speaks at over 40 events each year including client hosted educational trainings, webinars, SAPAA, DATIA, NAPBS, iHeart Radio, and SHRM.

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