[Webinar] The Value of Random Drug Testing in the Prevalence of Prescription Drug Abuse

[Webinar] The Value of Random Drug Testing in the Prevalence of Prescription Drug Abuse
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We've discussed the topic of drug testing quite a bit recently on the PreCheck Blog. The truth is, it's become quite a hot topic over the past year. Last year, a group of Johns Hopkins researchers called for the healthcare industry to instate strict drug and alcohol testing programs to protect patient safety. More recently, in mid-March, DHHS Inspector General Daniel R. Levinson and a colleague wrote an OpEd article featured in the New York Times, where they called hospitals to implement random drug testing programs for all healthcare workers. With the emerging trends from researchers and regulatory agencies, this may be an opportune time to review your organization's drug testing policy.

On Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, PreCheck hosted a complimentary one-hour session with drug testing expert Bill Current, President of WFC & Associates. During the presentation, Bill discusses what you need to know for implementing your employment random drug testing program as well as reviewing fundamental best practices and various regulations affecting employers.
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Topics Covered in The Webinar:

  • The Magnitude of the Drug Problem
  • The Impact of Drug Abuse on the Workplace
  • Implementing a Random Drug Testing Program
  • State Laws Affecting Random Drug Testing Practices
  • Return on Investment (ROI) of Random Drug Testing
  • And More!

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Presented by Bill Current, Founder of WFC & Associates

Bill Current is the President of WFC & Associates, LLC, a consulting firm founded in 1998. Bill works with many of today's leading providers of drug testing and background screening services. He also works directly with small businesses and large corporations to help them improve their return on investmen tin drug testing.

Bill publishes the "Online Ultimate Guide to State Drug Testing Laws" and is author and co-author of 10 books on substance abuse prevention and drug testing, including "Why Drug Testing?" 

Random Drug Testing Webinar