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Background Check Compliance Essentials: A Critical Tool for Training and Review

Learn the background check compliance essentials every employer should know before running background checks.

This webinar covering background check compliance essentials is a complimentary HR training session for anyone that uses background checks.

Learn about the latest litigation and regulatory updates.

Employment background checks are an essential tool to ensure you are bringing the right people into your organization. But as an employer, if you fail to comply with federal and state laws that regulate background checks and credit checks, you're facing a potential compliance disaster. The number of employers, nationwide and both large and small, facing FCRA single plaintiff and class action lawsuits is at an all-time high.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance Requirements

Learn your duties and responsibilities as an employer under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Get the compliance essentials you need to know to comply with the law any time your organization runs a background check.

Employers' Responsibilities under the EEOC Enforcement Guidance

In 2012, the EEOC issued an Enforcement Guidance on Employers' Use of Criminal Records. Learn what this means for you as an employer and what you can do to minimize risk with the EEOC.

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Vu Do 
VP of Compliance, PreCheck

With over ten years' experience in the employment screening industry, Vu is a respected industry expert in background check compliance.


Kate Vessey 
Corporate Counsel, PreCheck

Before joining PreCheck, Kate Vessey was VP of Legal Services of the Seattle office for Hawes Financial Group and Professional Credit Service.