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Debunking Myths: Criminal Searches

Avoid negligent hiring and reputational harm with criminal background checks.

The Myth: Instant Criminal Background Checks

"Instant" screening results are an attractive notion, but it's unrealistic. Hurrying through criminal background checks will set you up for bigger concerns down the road.

The Long-term Risks 

A negligent organization risks the loss of reputation, which can take years to rebuild. Once trust with the public is broken, it can be incredibly difficult to earn back.

The Solution

There's no one-size-fits-all solution. The approach your organization takes may vary based on industry, job type, and whether the employee will interact with clients or enter customers’ homes.

The Benefits of Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is growing more common. Nearly a third of employers who introduced new background checks in 2020 included continuous monitoring.

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