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Employer Compliance Resource Kit

Expand Your Knowledge of Talent Screening Best Practices With Our Compliance Kit for Employers

Having a compliant background screening program can be challenging, but our compliance resource kit makes it easy by highlighting key considerations for your organization. To access our resource kit, simply complete the form below.

The Compliance Resource Kit Includes the Following Resources:
  • Compliance Requirements for Employers’ Use of Credit Reports
  • Adverse Action Tips for Employers
  • Employers’ Guide to the National Criminal Record Search
  • Best Practices When Using Credit Checks
  • Using Consumer Reports- What Employers Need to Know
Establish a Compliant Background Screening Program

Don’t take any chances with our Compliance resource kit, which highlights what employers need to know before running background checks for employment purposes.

Learn How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Background screening mistakes can be costly for employers from knowing when to use credit reports to what to do after a background check report with a criminal hit. Learn how to avoid these and other mistakes with our resource kit.

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