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How to Create a Winning Talent Strategy, From Screening to Retention

Employers have an opportunity to reset their talent strategy to improve screening, acquisition, and retention. Learn key trends affecting HR technology and talent acquisition in 2022 and beyond.

HR Technology and Talent Acquisition Trends

Learn about the growing importance of the candidate experience for a competitive advantage in an intense job economy.

Key Considerations for Recruiting Globally

Discover how international recruitment barriers have been minimized and how this impacts recruitment strategies and what HR leaders need to consider with this expanding global business mindset.

Effective Talent Screening in a Post-Pandemic World

Explore ways to assess and future-proof your current talent screening program for a better 'new normal'.

The Benefits of Self-Sovereignty of Career Data

Understand how the self-sovereignty of career data paradigm shift will transform your talent acquisition and screening practices.

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Michelle Smith
Solution Management Director, Cisive


Kerstin Bagus
Chief Knowledge Officer, Netforce Global