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Background Screening Resource Kit

Improve Your Background Screening Program With Our Background Screening Resource Kit

There are many key considerations for building an effective background screening program for healthcare organizations, but our background screening resource kit puts many of these in one place. To access our resource kit, simply complete the form below.

The Background Screening Resource Kit Includes the Following Resources:
  • Why County Criminal Record Searches are Still Necessary When an FBI Search is Being Run
  • Best Practices for Using Consumer Reports
  • Screening a Background Screening Provider – Key Questions to Ask
  • Supporting Your Hiring Policies Through Best Practices for Healthcare
  • Physician Screening Resource Guide
Learn How to Select the Best Screening Provider for Healthcare

Not all background screening providers are equal—especially when it comes to screening healthcare talent. Know what questions to ask when selecting your screening partner.

Know What Background Check Mistakes to Avoid

The background check process is complex especially in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare. Establish a compliant screening program by learning what mistakes to avoid when reviewing your policies.

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