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Let's Talk Global: International Background Screening 101

Most employers in the U.S. run background checks as part of their employment screening program, but the complexity of employment screening increases when the searches go beyond international borders.

Understand international background screening fundamentals.

Taj Shaw, Global Solutions Director at Cisive, and Kerstin Bagus, Chief Knowledge Officer at NetForce Global, review several international ordering requirements and rules when implementing an international screening program.

Mitigate risk for your organization.

Learn practical international screening best practices to comply with the law, mitigate risk, and implement an effective global employment screening program.

What you'll learn from the webinar:
  • Overview of common search types and considerations for global screening;
  • Understand key differences between U.S. and international searches;
  • Learn how COVID-19 has impacted international screening; and more

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Taj Shaw,
Global Solutions Director, Cisive


Kerstin Bagus,
Chief Knowledge Officer, NetForce Global