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Marijuana, E-Cigarettes and Other Smoky Things

Learn how to handle the challenges of legalized medical marijuana and new technologies such as e-cigarettes.

The material in this webinar is dated August 12, 2015, and comments may change depending on a wide range of variables.

Should you conduct drug testing, and under what circumstances?

Some states have legalized medical marijuana, some have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Federal law still considers marijuana use to be illegal. Should the shift in some states' laws regarding marijuana use change your policy on substance abuse in the [email protected]

How should e-cigarettes affect your drug testing [email protected]

E-cigarettes have become very popular lately, with some employees claiming that workplace no-smoking policies might not apply to them. Do you need to update your policy on smoking at work to account for this new [email protected]

Learn from Fisher & Phillips employment law experts.

In the one-hour presentation, presenters A. Kevin Troutman, Partner, and Mauro Ramirez, Associate, from the Fisher & Phillips Houston office discuss whether the shift in some states' laws regarding marijuana use should challenge employers' substance abuse workplace policies.

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A. Kevin Troutman

A partner at the Fisher & Phillips Houston office, Kevin has over 17 years' experience in healthcare HR.


Mauro Ramirez

An associate at the Fisher & Phillips Houston office, Mauro has assisted clients deal with charges brought by the EEOC.