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The Ongoing Importance of Drug Testing for the Healthcare Industry

Learn the current trends in prescription drug use, marijuana legalization, and employee drug testing and how healthcare employers can effectively manage their workplace in a rapidly changing environment. 

Review prescription drug use, misuse, and abuse in the workplace.

There is a fine line between use, abuse, and addiction and not everyone can tell when they have crossed that line. What are some signs to look for?

Learn why post-employment testing is important in retaining talent and improving success in healthcare.

Some reasons to test are it deters drug use and promotes safety in the workplace. How can it also add value such as improving the bottom line?

What are some drug testing policy best practices and how can you keep it current?

Eighty-one percent of policies are incomplete, with 67 percent of employers policies not adequately addressing employee prescription drug use and abuse. Nina defines effective ways to draft a clearly written policy.

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Nina M. French

Nina is currently the Managing Partner for the Current Consulting Group with over 25 years in employee screening.


Cristina Loayza

Cristina began her career with PreCheck over 10 years ago and currently manages sanction screening and drug and occupational health testing solutions.