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Social Media Unveiled: A Critical Tool for Background Screening

Subject matter expert Caleb Frazier, EVP of Customer Success at Social Discovery IQ, discusses how employers can use social media to screen for pre-determined risk factors, cultural fit, behavioral traits, and more.

Overview of the role of social media in background screening

Prevents HR incidents and misconduct in the workplace, ensures cultural fit, decreases turnover costs and other critical factors.

Understand the legal considerations impacting social media screening

FCRA compliance, hiring bias and accurate intelligence are key items to consider when partnering with a background screening provider.

Guidance on building an effective, compliant program

Our team and partner combine high-powered software with three layers of human analysts to produce curated, complete and accurate social media reports.

Review of the Cisive and Social Discovery IQ solution

You'll receive ongoing support with our Customer Success Team, no false positives, compliance with the FCRA, and more.

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Caleb Frazier

EVP of Customer Success
Social Discovery IQ


Heather Badjer

Solutions Director