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Top 5 Facts on International Background Screening

Our experts share the differences between U.S. and international background screening, debunk common myths, and how to target your resources on the key countries and searches.

International Screening is Unavoidable

Some industries rely heavily on immigrant labor. Filipino nurses, for example, have a long and rich history in the U.S.

Myth Busting

A common myth is that it's illegal in some countries. There may be some restrictions, but there's some sort of screening permitted in every country.

Comparison of U.S. & Non-U.S. Screening

This includes the amount of information required for a complete background check, the difference in bylaws and regulators, and more.

Expertise in 240 Countries

Out of ~240 countries, most searches will come from a limited number of countries and searches.

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Shannon Fortner

Director of International Screening


Kerstin Bagus

Chief Knowledge Officer
NetForce Global