SAFE19 COVID-19 Clearinghouse is an FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant solution that provides a secure, paperless, central repository specifically designed to handle the uploading, validation, and compliance reporting on COVID-19 test and immunization data. Our service can help you determine whether your employees or students are safe to return to their work environment and classrooms. For a more robust workplace safety program, combine SAFE19 with our CONTACT19 contact tracing solution and ACCESS19 self-attestation solution.

Key Benefits

Ensures Safety
Keeps employees or students safe from COVID-19 with a flexible, data-driven solution
Protects Privacy
Protects public health data and eliminates privacy concerns
Streamlines Compliance
Supported by an experienced team of experts fully versed in all aspects of FCRA and HIPAA compliance



Secure Badge Immunity Verification

Generates a digital badge to verify an individual's immunity before returning to work, providing care, etc.


Technology-Enabled, Full-Service Solution

Safeguards your organization with an easy-to-use system that allows real-time updates to records


Designed with Compliance in Mind

Offers confirmation authenticity of testing with dispute resolution to keep you compliant.

What Makes Us Different

There is currently no central repository to house information regarding individuals who have tested for COVID-19 and the result of those tests. With SAFE19, this information would be stored along with antibody testing and vaccination records, once available. This repository would allow employers, healthcare facilities, education institutions and government agencies to determine if their employees and students are safe to return to their work environment and classrooms, helping reopen the economy in a safe, secure manner.


How SAFE19 Works


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