LicenseManager Pro® is a healthcare license management system that provides ongoing, post-hire primary source verification of licenses, certifications and registrations. As a healthcare employer, our system assists you to ensure compliance with mission critical license/certification requirements per each job description. Stay ahead of healthcare accreditation requirements, CMS directives, and Federal and State law with a streamlined process facilitated by our system.

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Key Benefits

Solid Compliance
PreCheck’s LicenseManager Pro system facilitates compliance through primary source verification, routine quality assurance, and dual credentialing.
Seamless Integration
Keep your licensure data consistently in-sync with our bi-directional data integration, available at no additional cost.
Simplified Monitoring
Seamlessly monitor required licenses and certifications, board actions, and system reports with our License Requirement Table customized to your specifications.


Automated Credentials Monitoring

Track healthcare professional licenses. Over 2,800 Primary Source verifiable licenses and certification types monitored. Monitor certifications and registrations such as ANCC, ARRT and PTCB. Get daily Nursys Notifications through our direct integration with NURSYS®.

Bi-directional Data Integration

Ensure your staff’s data is always in sync with the data monitored in LicenseManager Pro in real-time. Use the monitored data with your internal programs such as scheduling and system access with our custom integration capabilities.

License Requirement Table
LicenseManager Pro adds licenses to be monitored based on job code and acts as a layer of compliance protection should someone fail to enter the appropriate credential in your internal database.

What Makes Us Different

Trusted Expertise

With over 25 years of experience in healthcare screening, PreCheck offers award-winning services to a diverse healthcare client base.

Excellent Service

As your screening partner, you can expect the highest level of customer service and a quality experience from PreCheck.

No Hidden Costs

No additional fees for primary source verifications completed by fax, phone, email, or that require an upfront fee.

What Our Clients Say

  • My company has been using PreCheck for three years. In that time, they have worked very hard to meet our company’s needs and continually provide excellent customer service. We are using them for background screenings, license monitoring, and sanction checks. By using PreCheck, we can be confident that we are exceeding federal and state laws and regulations. PreCheck makes my job so much easier!

    Amy Brannigan , Compliance & Credentialing Specialist
    Orianna Health Systems
  • WellStar Health System partnered with PreCheck in May 2005 and we have been a “team” from the start. Prior to the partnership, our HR staff had the responsibility of completing the screening for our applicants, performing Primary Source Verifications for all of licensed personnel, and manually verifying the OIG sanctioned list. With 12,000 plus employees, PreCheck has efficiently helped our system become a world class health system. LicenseManager Pro completes the Primary Source Verifications for all of our licensed personnel. License renewal letters are generated for each licensed personnel as a reminder, months in advance of their licensed expiration date. This process enables the nursing managers to focus more on the care of our patients.

    Human Resources Coordinator
    WellStar Health System

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