Students: Does your school require fingerprinting?


If you are a student whose school or clinical site in Florida has advised that you are required to submit fingerprints for a Level 2 Screening, please read through this information and then follow the Cogent link in the third paragraph. You will be redirected to their website where you will need to select the applicable state, Florida, and then review the Registration Procedures and Register Online links. You will be required to provide your clinical site’s AHCA license number during registration. If you do not have this information you may request the number from your school or the requesting clinical site. The fee for fingerprinting and the associated searches is $76.25, which is paid to Cogent and handled from their registration site. After you’ve completed registration you will be provided a Registration Number, which you will be required to present at the collection site along with a valid photo ID. You will also be able to view available collection sites in your area from the Cogent website. Fingerprinting is walk-in, and appointments are not accepted.
Please note that some schools also require students to complete other items such as PreCheck’s student background check and/or drug screening services, in which case you will need to return to to complete ordering for those items through PreCheck’s StudentCheck site. It is imperative that you review the instructions provided by your school if you are unsure, otherwise your entry into a program or clinical site may be impacted if you’ve not completed all necessary steps.
Fingerprinting Registration and Information can be found at:
If you are attending a school outside of Florida, and have been directed to PreCheck for fingerprinting, please confirm the proper steps with your school or you may email us via [email protected]
If you represent an educational institution or clinical site outside of Florida and would like information on fingerprinting availability in your area, please contact us at 888-PreCheck (773-2432) or submit an email inquiry to [email protected].


Need to Order Your Background Check or Drug Screen?


To order your background check or drug screen from StudentCheck, please click here and complete the form by selecting your school and program from the drop-down menu.  A background check typically takes 3-5 business days to complete, and turnaround time of drug screening results, if included, is determined by a variety of factors.  Your report and/or drug screening results will be provided to your clinical site or school upon completion.