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Order My Background Check or Drug Screen

To order your background check or drug screen from StudentCheck, please click here and complete the form by selecting your school and program from the drop-down menu.  A background check typically takes 3-5 business days to complete, and turnaround time of drug screening results, if included, is determined by a variety of factors. Your report and/or drug screening results will be provided to your clinical site or school upon completion. 




Check My Background Check’s Status or View My Report

If you have already ordered your background check, you may click here to check the status. If your background check is complete, you will have the option to download it in PDF format.




Request a Copy of My Receipt

If you have misplaced the e-mail with your background check confirmation and receipt, please call 877-214-5496 with your details and our Client Services team will provide you with another copy.

I Need Help With a Different Frequently Asked Question

If you are having trouble placing your background check order or need further assistance, please review our StudentCheck Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and you will most likely find the answer you are looking for.


If you are attending a Florida school and they have asked you that you require fingerprinting, you must refer to the Student Fingerprinting page. If you are also required to submit for a StudentCheck background check and/or drug screen, we recommend that you proceed with you order on MyStudentCheck first, and then visit the fingerprinting page. If you only require fingerprinting, please go directly to the Student Fingerprinting page.

If you are attending a school outside of Florida and require fingerprinting, please confirm the proper steps with your school.

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